TOPSIM Global Management

TOPSIM – Global Management is a strategic simulation that challenges participants by putting them in charge of operations for a company in the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry. Participants are charged with the task of developing the company’s strategy. The challenge is to define a strategy and make the critical decisions required to optimize this strategy in the marketplace. The company’s headquarters are in Munich, and many of its activities are in Europe, but it performs research and development as well as production at locations in the Asia-Pacific and NAFTA regions. The simulation incorporates the different currencies for these different regions.


  • Strategic product design (two products in different technological areas in three different geographic markets)
  • Controlling the global value added chain with different vertical integration
  • Improving the production process
  • Purchasing (alternatively Joint-Ventures) of manufacturing plants
  • Global marketing (including internationally differentiated product placement)
  • Developing finance concepts for expansion
  • Managerial thinking in a global context

Target Group

  • Managers and management trainees
  • Employees from HR, R&D, Sales,
  • Production, Finance and Administration and those in need of business experience
  • MBA Students
  • Students in higher terms of Industrial
  • Engineering and related subjects


  • Duration: 3–5 days, maximum of 9 periods (each period being simulated as one financial year)
To experience TOPSIM is life changing. It clearly shows you how your decisions have an impact and improves your understanding of the effect of every decision.

Ahmed Mahani – RTM Senior Supervisor