TOPSIM Project Management

This project management simulation was made for teaching and practicing the fundamentals of project management. The planning and execution of a project, namely the construction of a rollercoaster is simulated. Methods of project structuring (Work Breakdown Structure), scheduling, in particular the critical path method, costs, financial planning, resource and capacity planning, as well as project directing are applied by the participants during the course of the simulation.


  • Project structuring and time planning
  • Experience oriented methods of project planning and realization, e.g. critical path analysis
  • Cost and financial planning
  • Resources and capacity planning

Target Group

  • Managers and management trainees
  • Employees from HR, R&D, Sales,
  • Production, Finance and Administration and those in need of business experience
  • MBA Students
  • Students in higher terms of Industrial
  • Engineering and related subjects


  • 2- 3 days, maximum of 5 periods
To experience TOPSIM is life changing. It clearly shows you how your decisions have an impact and improves your understanding of the effect of every decision.

Ahmed Mahani – RTM Senior Supervisor