TOPSIM Easy Management

In the TOPSIM – easy Management simulation, you work in a team are responsible for managing an outdoor sporting goods company. The simulation will simulate 3 years actual years. The simulation presents a realistic model of a medium sized company and allows participants to gain quick, risk free practical experience with long-term learning effects. Participants will be divided into teams, each team will be comprised of 5 members. Each team will be leading a company. The companies all have the same starting situations. The companies are competing in the same market.


  • Analyzing the external environment
  • Company Strategy
  • Purchasing & Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing Mix (R&D, Sales, Pricing, Promotion)
  • HR
  • Finance

Target Group

  • Managers and management trainees
  • Employees from HR, R&D, Sales, Production,
  • Finance and Administration and those who require some business experience
  • Students of Business Administration and related subjects


  • 2–5 days, maximum of 8 periods (each period being simulated as one financial year

To experience TOPSIM is life changing. It clearly shows you how your decisions have an impact and improves your understanding of the effect of every decision.

Ahmed Mahani – RTM Senior Supervisor