TOPSIM Macroeconomics

TOPSIM - Applied Economics is a strategic simulation which focuses on how companies and national economies can maintain and develop their competitive advantages within a changing international environment and changing circumstances in the market and society.

Up to seven teams can take part in the simulation, each being responsible for a specific sector (businesses, banks, labor unions, interest groups, the government and the central bank). The existing - often short and medium-term - interests of the respective sectors cause potential conflicts, which must be resolved in phases of negotiation among the sectors.

Due to the special structure of the simulation, high levels of interaction results between the teams and among the individual sectors. This creates a special learning environment and enables a hands-on approach to the topic.



  • Micro - & Macroeconomics
  • Competition policy
  • Monetary policy
  • Economic stabilization policy
  • Industrial policy
  • Financial and social policy

Target Group

  • Middle to Senior Management of companies
  • Management trainees
  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students


  • 2-5 days, maximum of 8 periods (each period being simulated as one financial year
To experience TOPSIM is life changing. It clearly shows you how your decisions have an impact and improves your understanding of the effect of every decision.

Ahmed Mahani – RTM Senior Supervisor