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Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

Cycling HappyOne of the most interesting of articles I read recently, was that of Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger of South Africa, who quit their jobs to travel the world, went broke, lived on scrubbing toilets and bragged about it.


Reading this article made me wonder, how come such a life of scrubbing toilets and going penniless, is something so appealing that you actually brag about? Then again, me myself, I felt kind of jealous going through this article. I realized at this point, that this is just the growing life-a-holic in me searching for new engaging experiences, anywhere, everywhere at all times and all places. I presume this is a new dynamic of this millennial generation. They are always on the look-out for exotic experiences that would stimulate their minds and engage their curiosities.


No wonder disengagement at work became more of an epidemic. I rarely ask an employed friend, how’s work, and get a positive answer. Futhermore, based on the research of employee engagement by HBR, only 33% of the workforce in Egypt is actively engaged. In my line of work, of employee engagement consulting, I found that so many organizations and businesses are reacting to this massive problem in very ineffective ways that usually end in spending money, with no better engagement.


Organizations usually go for building gyms, play rooms or going on team ventures to get employees more engaged, what they are actually doing here, they are trying to increase satisfaction, which doesn’t contribute to engagement, although engagement does contribute to satisfaction. To have a powerful & effective approach to increasing engagement, one must understand the dynamics of this driven, fast paced and creative workforce.


These new millennials, are not seeking work for the sake of work, they are in pursuit of an enchanting life and self-discovery. They will always remain at a place where they know they are being realized and appreciated for who they are. This new workforce is stimulated by life-making, fulfilling jobs, entailing travel, engaging in wider-communities and their workplace is a platform to express their individuality and creativity; even in the jobs that require very structured work, such as planning, project management, operations..etc .


To them success is passion driven. They are very inventive, defiant and won’t let their creativity be held back by any structure, management or job policies. They do begin with the end in mind, only their end lies in the journey and not the final destination. With their world moving in a hurry, they are fast paced, change directions rapidly and are not held back by attachments. Impatience is one of their virtues; work is a means to explore life at it’s fullest. Long-term hierarchal goals just don’t motivate them. They need to feel ownership and be autonomous of their work. Serving a certain purpose or cause is a necessity to their engagement.


They live in innovation more than operation. They crave uncomforting change, and need to feel meaningful. A leadership of empathy is what they follow. Constant inspiration with futuristic visions of what could be; will get them, up and running. It’s not about the job, it’s about the belief and the why of the job. Now, more than ever, corporations who are contributing to charity and development are more appealing than ever, sending messages of giving and being part of change, which are prime stimuli for this rising new workforce.


When hiring new talents, within those millineals, put in mind that you’re hiring journeymen, not employees.


Written By:
Ahmed Abaza