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We've hired Brainquil to handle training all our new managers on the leadership development seminar, and now we're proud to call them leaders instead of ma

Mohamed Samir

If someone told me before attending the GTD workshop and the one-on-one session, that the relief I'm feeling now would cost me 100.000 dollars, I would have happily paid it.

Turki Alluhaid

To experience TOPSIM is life changing. It clearly shows you how your decisions have an impact and improves your understanding of the effect of every decision.

Ahmed Mahani – RTM Senior Supervisor

The Talent Activator program helped me to understand and spot talents and strength in each person, how to make use of it and obtain much better results and outcomes by focusing on strengths. Especially the coaching module can be implemented not just in work but also in all aspects of life and dealing with different types of people.

Ramy Fahmy

The brilliance about this program is that it gives you the ability to see how to make things happen either with your colleagues, manager, or even yourself. It helps you see how to turn ideas into actions. I recommend each and every one to attend the program.

Mohamed Khedr Baydoun

The program opens your mind to new ideas, and ways to manage your team, especially by focusing on developing their strengths.

Amr El Hossany

I'd really like to thank you for providing us with such training program. It's different than anything I got before in terms of atmosphere and location. It showed me immediately how my own decisions affect the business. I'm really happy that I'm one of the trainees attending this program. I'm eager to transfer all the content I've learnt in the training to my corporate life and to my private life as well.

Zaki Selim

This is a program that I highly recommend to all my colleagues who are managing a large group of people. For most of our careers we have been taught how to motivate groups of people and manage them to get results, but this program is all about seeing how each cog fits into making that big machine run. We learnt to focus on personal talent activation, harnessing on the power of conflict in teams and coaching individuals. By doing so, change will naturally and intuitively occur in the team.

Karim Samaha

It was a great and useful program as we connected many business perspectives. It helped me to improve reading and judging the situations more clearly as well as improved my understanding of people.

Moataz Salah – O&M Supervisor